New Correlations for Time Lags and Pressure Response Amplitude in Pulse-Test Analysis


By N.A,F. E1-Khatib.


The equationsfor pulse test analysisby the tangent construction method are formulated in ageneral way to accountfor the possibilityof thetime lag exceeding the pulse or shut-in periodsThe equatione are eolved for the dimensionlesscycle period and response amplitude for a widerange of the relativetime lag for the First fourcycles and at differentpulraeratioe between 0.1 and 0,9. Cases with difficultiesin solving theequations are discussed and their physical andmathematicalinterrelationsare explored. A single set of correlationcurves for the dimensionless cycle psriod is presented for all cycleswhile a seperateset of curves for the dimensionless responeeamplitudefor each of’the first fourcycles is needed. The significanceof using correoblationsfor the three t!me lags i9 discussed