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Ways to Success Lecture
Professor Nimir Osman Mohamed AlBasher presented a lecture entitled Ways to Success. At the beginning of the lecture, the professor talked about his personal experience and how he reached success then he mentioned many bases and rules for success such as turning the frustrations into determination and persistence, expert consultation and he recommended that we do not always choose the easier and safer option also he clarify the role of the family, home and society in the success. After the speech was concluded, the public interventions began, among which was a question about the personalities who supported the professor during his period of success and responded that the family and friends were the main motivation.
Visit of Third year diploma students to ALobeid Refinery
The Department of Petroleum Transport and Refining Engineering organized a scientific trip to visit Al-obeid refinery as part of the training program for third year diploma students under the supervision of Mr. Abdelgader Bashir Banga, Mr. Rashid Hamed and Mr. Babeker Hassan Omar. The main objective of the visit was to identify the steps of oil refining, products storage methods and petroleum pipelines.
Visit of a delegation from the African Universities Union to the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering and Technology
A high-level delegation from the African Universities Union visited the College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology. The delegation toured the college laboratories) Oil properties and Drilling fluids lab. The delegation was greeted by the Dean of the College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology: Dr. Taqwa Ahmed Mousi and his college lecturers and technicans.
Congratulation to Dr. Abdul Rahman Osman for his selection as Minister of Oil
The College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology and its employees congratulates Dr. Abdulrahman Osman Abdulrahman, member of the college Council and college Research Council on the occasion of his selection as Minister of Oil and earning the President trust and that is due to his proven qualifications in this field and the college wishes him success in his new position
Congratulation to Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz Ibrahim on the occasion of obtaining a master degree in business administration
The College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology and the Sudan University of Science and Technology are proud to congratulate Dr. Ahmed Abdul Aziz Ibrahim for his MBA degree and accreditation from the American Institute of Applied Sciences and the Arab Board of Trainers. And his adoption of the Canadian Board of Kutching and also adopted as an arbitrator accredited by the Arab Institute for Arbitration and Conciliation and the Ministry of Justice of Sudan. The College of Petroleum Engineering salutes this diligence and perseverance and wishes more success and progress for the doctor and the family of the college and the university. Congratulations are attached to the University of Sudan for Science and Technology with this remarkable achievement