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CAJG- First Conference of the Arabian Journal of Geoscience- Springer
Dr. Omima Hassan Ahmed salih participated in CAJG- First Conference of the Arabian Journal of Geoscience- Springer with a paper titled( Integrated study of Bentiu and Aradeiba Reservoir Formations, Hamra East Oil field- Muglad rift basin , sudan)
Results of Exploration Engineering Students
The voices grew louder, and the phrases merged, and the hope was accelerated to extend the most congratulations and congratulations to the success of the students of the engineering of exploration. Your success and excellence are proof of your determination to succeed and overcome all the difficulties that you have experienced in your educational career. Asking God for success and perseverance
Petronas local universities scholarship (plus)
Petronas continues for the third time in a row the local scholarships program for outstanding students with a grade of 3 or higher in each of the following disciplines: Petroleum Engineering Refining and Transportation engineering Exploration Engineering Mechanical engineering electrical engineering Chemical Engineering In the previous year, Petronas provided 60 scholarships to 60 students, including the fees for the academic year and registration fees, which also included bridging students. This has become a strong motivation for students to maintain their academic level so as not to lose their chance in these grants.There has also been a marked increase in the number of students in the first grade this year
A Petroleum Engineering PhD student present a paper at Malaysia
Mr. Anas Hassan a PhD student at Petroleum Engineering Program presented two papers in International Conference on Oil Gas Engineering and Technology (ICOGET 2018). 13th – 14th August 2018 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. the papers titles are: 1. Exergy Analysis of Bio‐polymer Flooding in Clastic Reservoirs and 2. Use of RFID for Online Viscosity Measurements of Arabic Gum to Monitor Its Degradation in polymer EOR.
The Family Day for College of petroleum engineering and technology
In an atmosphere full of joy and happiness, the College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology celebrated its family day. The day opened with verses of the Holy Quran. After that Dr. Tagwa Ahmed Musa Dean of the college spoke with poignant words and Dr. Satti Mirghani Mohamed Ahmed with a purposeful word and concluded with words filled with memories and nostalgia for the College of Petroleum from the Undersecretary Dr. Abbas Musa Yagoub. The day was accompanied by a feast prepared by Alzohor alsaeed Dokha and everyone thanked and praised her effort.