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SPE graduation projects competetion
Society of petroleum engineers it consider as an international and scientific society . the sudan branch was established in 2006 under the name (sudan section). The main purposes and goals of this society is to help and encourage engineering works that has a direct relation on petroleum engineering field and outspreading them with all of the unprecedented on international technices on oil fields . On fact it has evident rules and efforts on establishing and managing a lot of activities includes( lectures, conferences , and workshops )Serving oil sector in sudan. The most supreme one is final year graduation project competitions , the third version was hold on the 30 of november 2016 , on the ministry of oil and gas which underlying to sudanese petroleum and gas inistitution . The first winner group crewed( Mr.Omer Alfadil Ahmed Manoufal, Mr. Mohammed Fareed Margani , Mr.Mutasim Hamid Abd AllAh Ali , Mr.Mutasim Ahmed Kamil Ahmed ) in drilling area their prizes ....on jop training in OEPA plus training course in PTC plus one person random selection on jop training in petronas , this one was Engi. Omer Alfadil , plus cash . The second winner from Malisian Petronas University (Mr . Ahmed Abdulmonem sikenja) reservoir engineering . his prizes on jop training in JNPOC plus cash. The third winner group three females from ( U of K ).(Miss.leina Abdalmoniem Mohammed Alnoor , Miss.Either Abdelrahim Ahmed Osman , Miss.Barah Mohammed Elmobarak Ali Imam ) in refining and chemical engineering winner by on jop training in PETROENERGY. The Fourth winner group (Mr. Kamal Elnour Kamal Elnour Ali , Mr.Mohammed Abdelhamid Mohammed Elhassan , Mr.Mohammed Mamoun Ahmed ) in production drilling area SUST ....winner by on jop training in SUDAPET. The fifth winner team consist of ( Mr.Ahmed Altaib Hussain , Mr. Mohammed Mussa Ibrahim , Mr .Osman Muhammed , Mr .Mohammed Abdalhalim, Mr.BahaaAldeen Mohammed ) Alneelain university , geology and exploration , winner by on jop training in ASAWER plus training course in CNLC . The sixth winner group consist of (Mr. Musab Mohammed Ahmed ,Mr . Khalid Assayed FadlAllah , Mr.Mussab Abdulmonim Fageer ) U of K winner by on jop training in PLRS plus training course in Bisco . We are optimistic to get final year graduation project competition fourth version in the same coordination or better .
The External Examiners
The College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology is preparing for reception of the external Examiners for Petroleum Engineering, Exploration Engineering, and Refining and Transportation Engineering Departments who are going to evaluate the performance of the departments during the first semester of the academic year 2015/2016. All the departments were well prepared for the first visit which will be in Thursday 25/8/2016. The second visit of the external examiners will be for the oral examinations of the student graduation projects while the third and final visit for 2016 will be during November 2016 for the evaluation of the performance in the second semester.
Geomechanic for Unconventional Reservoirs Lecture
A lecture prepared by SPE SUST chapter and presented by Mr Osman Hamid on Jul.09.
Congratulations Fatima Elbrair
Family of College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology is pleased to congratulates Fatima Elbrair for the pass of her PhD thesis oral examination and wish her all success.
A student attended the IPTC
Mujeeb Alrahman Hamid, a student in the petroleum engineering department and also a student member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), has attended the International Petroleum Technology Conference IPTC International University Students Programme under the title " Rising to Meet the Grand Energy Challenges" . The conference was held in Doha, Qatar from 5 to 9 of December 2015. The student attended educational sessions on connecting the dots between the industry sectors, guidelines for effective CV writing and career orientation fair by the sponsoring companies. In addition, he also joined the field trip to "Dhal AlMisfer Cave". Also, during the program, there was a special visit to ExxonMobil Research Center. Most importantly, the student has participated in a group presentation competition among many students from various countries across the globe. Mujeeb reflected the huge benefit of his attendance in terms of information and building relationships and exposure to international events in the Oil & Gas industry.