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Welcoming New Student
The College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology uses the opportunity of the beginning of the academic year 2017/2018 to congratulate all old and new college students in the new academic year and its new students, It is a pleasure to congratulate you especially on the first university year in your life. It also praises your choice of the ancient oil engineering profession to be the future engineers who are responsible for the advancement of the homeland, and you are required to walk on the path to reach Sudan to the forefront among the nations of civilizations
Lecture by external examiner Professor Nimir Osman Mohamed Al - Bashir for professors of the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering and Technology
Professor Nimir Osman Mohammed Al-Basher the external examiner for both petroleum engineering and refining and transportation engineering departments gathered all college teachers at the Seminary Hall to put the final touches on the college evaluation process and its programs. He presented the University of Texas A & M program and its achievements, which he confirmed was not far from the College of Petroleum and engineering technology. He encouraged professors to increase scientific publishing. At the end of the lecture, the discussion was opened to the audience, where many of the professors shared their views.
Joint ‘’2+1+2’’ Engineering Program between (CUPB) and (SUST)
The ‘’2+1+2’’ Petroleum Engineering Program is a partnership between China Petroleum University – Beijing (CUPB) and Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST). Students admitted to the program complete two years at SUST and then one year at CUPB for Chinese language study and then following with two years academic study, following which a bachelor’s degree is conferred by CUPB and SUST respectively, and the accepted students are: Mosab abobaker Mohammed Suliman, Yousif Ibrahim Mohammed Noor, Mohanned Abdalgalel musa, Mohammed Hassan Abdallah Siddig
College External Reviewer
The College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology is honored to receive Professor Nimir Osman Mohamed Elbashir from Texas A&M University (Qatar). Dr. Elbashir is going to review the college curriculum and evaluate its performance during 2017.
The Scientific Creativity Award
Students from the College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology won the Scientific Creativity Award at the Scientific Forum of the College of Engineering and Computer. The title of the research is (Slim hole side track from abandon well) .