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SPE graduation projects competetion


Society of petroleum engineers it consider as an international and scientific society . the sudan branch was established in 2006 under the name (sudan section). The main purposes and goals of this society is to help and encourage engineering works that has a direct relation on petroleum engineering field and outspreading them with all of the unprecedented on international technices on oil fields . On fact it has evident rules and efforts on establishing and managing a lot of activities includes( lectures, conferences , and workshops )Serving oil sector in sudan. The most supreme one is final year graduation project competitions , the third version was hold on the 30 of november 2016 , on the ministry of oil and gas which underlying to sudanese petroleum and gas inistitution . The first winner group crewed( Mr.Omer Alfadil Ahmed Manoufal, Mr. Mohammed Fareed Margani , Mr.Mutasim Hamid Abd AllAh Ali , Mr.Mutasim Ahmed Kamil Ahmed ) in drilling area their prizes ....on jop training in OEPA plus training course in PTC plus one person random selection on jop training in petronas , this one was Engi. Omer Alfadil , plus cash . The second winner from Malisian Petronas University (Mr . Ahmed Abdulmonem sikenja) reservoir engineering . his prizes on jop training in JNPOC plus cash. The third winner group three females from ( U of K ).(Miss.leina Abdalmoniem Mohammed Alnoor , Miss.Either Abdelrahim Ahmed Osman , Miss.Barah Mohammed Elmobarak Ali Imam ) in refining and chemical engineering winner by on jop training in PETROENERGY. The Fourth winner group (Mr. Kamal Elnour Kamal Elnour Ali , Mr.Mohammed Abdelhamid Mohammed Elhassan , Mr.Mohammed Mamoun Ahmed ) in production drilling area SUST ....winner by on jop training in SUDAPET. The fifth winner team consist of ( Mr.Ahmed Altaib Hussain , Mr. Mohammed Mussa Ibrahim , Mr .Osman Muhammed , Mr .Mohammed Abdalhalim, Mr.BahaaAldeen Mohammed ) Alneelain university , geology and exploration , winner by on jop training in ASAWER plus training course in CNLC . The sixth winner group consist of (Mr. Musab Mohammed Ahmed ,Mr . Khalid Assayed FadlAllah , Mr.Mussab Abdulmonim Fageer ) U of K winner by on jop training in PLRS plus training course in Bisco . We are optimistic to get final year graduation project competition fourth version in the same coordination or better .

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